Pork Cheeks with Raw Beetroot and Horseradish

It takes some time to cook pork cheeks, but the meat is fantastically tasteful. My grandmother used to put the cheeks in the sylte she made from an entire pig’s head.

4 people


2 shallots, finely chopped
2 fennels
3 sticks celery
10–12 pork cheeks, about 600 g
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
200 ml white wine
10 sprigs thyme
Salt and freshly ground pepper
150 g pearled spelt
300 ml water

200 g beetroot
50 g horseradish


CUT THE FENNEL IN HALVES and thereafter in slices. Cut the celery in slices.

TRIM THE PORK CHEEKS and brown them on both sides in olive oil in a pot. Add garlic, onion and fennel into the pot and add white wine, thyme, salt and pepper. Let simmer under a lid for 40 minutes, and add a little water if the water boils dry.

RINSE THE PEARLED SPELT IN COLD WATER, leave to dry in a colander, and add it thereafter to the pot with the pork cheeks. Add water and celery. Again bring to a boil and let it simmer for another 20 minutes.

MEANWHILE, grate beetroot and horseradish and mix it in a bowl.

SERVE STEAMING HOT with beetroot and horseradish on top.

PHOTO BY Lars Ranek

Trine Hahnemann