Rustic Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

Apple pie is something most people has had from early childhood. I did not like it because I did not like whipped cream. But when using rye bread crumble the cake actually becomes quite fresh, even though there is whipped cream involved.

6 people


8 bramley apples
1 vanilla pod
150g caster sugar
200 ml water

300g dry rye bread
20g butter
2 tbsp cane sugar

250 ml whipping cream


PEEL THE APPLES and discard the core, dice the apples and place in a saucepan. Split the vanilla pod lengthwise, scrape off the seeds and add them, sugar and water to the apples, let it simmer under a lid at low heat for 10–15 minutes. When done leave to cool down, it has to be a lumpy applesauce.

CRUMBLE THE RYE BREAD and roast it on a hot pan. Add butter and sugar when the bread begins to colour. Stir frequently so it won’t burn. Leave on a pieces of baking paper to cool down.

ASSEMBLE THE APPLE PIE as alternating layers of rye bread crumble and apple puree. Finish off with whipped cream on top. Serve right away.

PHOTO BY Columbus Leth

Trine Hahnemann