4 november 2014

What’s Wrong With Michael Pollan’s Perfect Bread

«Every time you bake a load of bread, it’s a small miracle – combining flour, water, salt and air to get the final product.» – Trine Hahnemann, Zester Daily

I recently read Michael Pollan’s book «Cooked,» and it made me think a lot about my relationship with bread. I did not relate to his idea of the perfect bread, which he claims to have found in Chad Robertson’s Tartine sourdough bread. Robertson’s bread, I’m sure, is amazing. I have not tasted it from his cafe, but I have enjoyed Robertson’s book, and I think it is a thorough and detailed baking book with a guide on how to make sourdough bread.

Read Trine’s article on Zester Daily about why bread shouldn’t be perfect, but varied.

Trine Hahnemann