21 oktober 2013

Trine’s second talk at TEDxKrakow

Trine talks at TedxKrakow

25th October Trine Hahnemann will give her second talk at the TEDx conference in Krakow, Poland. This time to talk about her work with rye and her love for whole grains as a part of a sustainable diet. She will talk about the Rye Bread Project and how she started a movement that has reintroduced rye grains to the northeastern United States.

The first initiative of the Rye Bread Project was the Smørrebrød Table which took place as a two-part event i November 2010: first as a facilitated discussion over a Danish lunch and then as a public celebration. Both events were hosted by the New Amsterdam Market in New York City.

As part of her visit she will cook a Nordic lunch for the 600 participants and organize a rye bread baking workshop to teach the value of rye bread and whole grain meals.

Trine has previously talked at the TEDx in 2011 where she spoke about how the lessons learnt from the success of the New Nordic movement can be adapted by other food cultures.

Trine Hahnemann