1 november 2013

Trine talks and cooks in Brazil


This month Trine will return to Brazil to take part in and talk at the Prazeres da Mesa festival in Sao Paolo 14th November to 18th November.

In 2012 Trine Hahnemann was part of Nordic Counsel of Ministers conference at Rio+20 where she participated in the debate on the potential of New Nordic Food and it’s ability to create healthier food cultures across cultural borders. During this debate, Trine argumented for sustainable eating by an 80/20 split between plants and animals, and a 60/40 relationship between locally produced and imported food.

This time Trine travels to Sao Paolo to participate in the festival Prazeres da Mesa where she will give a talk and lead a cooking session. Read more about the festival here.

Trine Hahnemann