13 maj 2011

Trine is cooking Nordic Food in New York, the sustainable way.

Paul Neuman and I collaborated on our first events together, it was at Scandinavia House for the EEA and Copenhagen Resource Institute. It was really exiting for me source locally from Union Square Marked and get the rye from Catskill. I worked with Larry the head chef at Neumans, to get the Nordic recipes right. I was really happy about the result. We made:

Lightly Salted Local Fish on Baked Celeriac Served with Kale Pesto
Fish Cakes with Ramps Dip Rye Bread Canapé with Celeriac «»Råkost«»
Beetroot Burger with Horseradish Cream
Baked Asparagus Rye and Spinach
Heirloom potato salad with dill and chives
Local Cheese with Summer Relish Rhubarb Trifle
Rye and Spelt Bread

We served local Brooklyn beer and wine from Long Island, and homemade lemonades and tab water.

Nobody commented on there was no meat, but a lot of the guest were very excited that their host had walked the talk after there conferences about Sustainability and Consumption. I love the fact that it is due able to cook green reception food that is tasty, and is all about enjoying food but still be concision of our responsibility to improve the environment. Because as a chef it is al about the food and has to be tasty. Change is difficult, but we have to go is way also in world of cooperate business and government.

We just started this journey on great tasty green food for all occasions.

Trine Hahnemann