27 januar 2016

Trine lectures at Parabere Forum in Bari

How do you take up the challenge of feeding the same people every day, and make them look forward to lunch, making sure that the food is tasty, varied, and healthy? And how do you feed people with LOVE everyday? These are just some of the questions that Trine will answer when she gives a lecture at Parabere Forum March 6–7 in Bari, Italy.

This March 2016 Parabere Forum acknowledges and celebrates the inspiring work of remarkable food entrepreneurs who have pushed the boundaries and challenged the established norms in the field of gastronomy. Trine attends the forum and gives a lecture on her love of everyday food and how she has built a business on it.

A growing organic movement
Over the last 20 years, Trine has owned and run Hahnemanns Køkken that feeds thousands of people lunch every day. When she first went into the canteen business it was really sad – dominated by women with low salaries, no education, not regarded with any prestige whatsoever. Since then, Trine has witnessed the organic movement grow and understood her responsibilities accordingly when feeding people every day – people, who do not have a choice, but are faced with the same buffet every day of the year.

Thought-leaders from around the world
Alongside Trine are several other thought-leaders in the field of gastronomy, food and nutrition: Indian food activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, American chef Dominique Crenn and Danish owner of Knuthenlund farm Susanne Hovmand-Simonsen, amongst others. See the program and full list of lecturers here.

Parabere Forum works to strengthen the influence of women in the food sector
Parabere Forum is an independent international platform featuring women’s views and voices on major food issues. In their own words, the forum is committed to improving the state of gastronomy, food, nutrition and agriculture by engaging leaders in various fields, from business and academia to politics and social issues. Deploying women’s experience and expertise across all generations and geographies, Parabere Forum offers practical discussions on how to overcome barriers and create new horizons and opportunities, both locally and globally, as well as in-depth and innovative debate on important ideas.

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Trine Hahnemann