15 juni 2016

Trine debates quality at The People’s Political Festival on Bornholm

The sixth edition of The People’s Political Festival, Folkemødet, takes place on the Danish so-called sunshine island Bornholm June 17 and 18. Trine Hahnemann is participating in a culinary debate on quality in food(s) and meals June 18 11.30am-12.30pm. Is it only the elite who can afford a good food culture?

Folkemødet is a unique platform with open debates about the society’s opportunities and challenges where politicians meets citizens, business people and organisations under informal forms on Bornholm. Folkemødet is a Danish counterpart to the famous Swedish Almedalveckan, which each year draws up to 11,000 visitors to the Swedish island of Gotland. The fifth edition of Folkemødet ended on June 14, 2015 – and indeed, it was a festival: Over 100,000 visitors, 38,500 overnight stays, 700 hosts and over 2,300 events.

What is quality in food(s) and meals?
Can you taste quality, may a product taste different from batch to batch, and when is good quality good enough? Is quality a success in itself? These are just some of the questions that Trine and the rest of the savvy panel consisting of Niels Karstensen, HR Director of Coop, Fie Hansen-Hoeck, Director of Fooducer, Joachim Knudsen, CEO of McDonald’s in Denmark, Mads Meisner from Høstet, Havtorn Bornholm Aps are debating in the Mission house in Allinge at Folkemødet. The debate is moderated by Lifestyle Expert Anne Glad.

«I refuse to accept the premise that only the elite can afford a good food culture. If we look at organic food, I think that everyone in Denmark from the lower middle class and up can afford to buy organic food. It is a matter of choice. Then it may well be that they can not travel several times a year or enjoy other luxuries, but it is a choice,» says Trine Hahnemann, pointing out that the whole idea that we sit down and eat a meal together at lunch has a huge impact on our food culture.

At Folkemødet June 17–18 The Mission house in Allinge is filled with people, opinions and food in the topical debate on the direction in which the Danish food culture is heading. Madkulturen serves an appetizing debate menu on the three main topics education, quality and tourism for a group of sharp debaters. See the full culinary debate program her. Madkulturen (the food culture, ed.) is an independent organization under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, who works for ‘Better food for all’ through a focus on quality, growth in the food industry and prosperity to the Danish population.

The People’s Political Festival is for everybody
Folkemødet is open for everybody, who wants to participate in the various meetings and events and as a guest it is free to participate in the events. However, almost all meetings and events are in Danish only. Learn more about Folkemødet and the full program here

Trine Hahnemann