29 november 2010

The Winners at the smørrebrød festival at New amsterdam Market

The Rye Bread Project became a huge success, we could not have asked for more 500 people came and we made al together 1700 pieces of Smørrebrød.

On the fantastic rye bread the Nordic bread baked for us my team we did 5 different ones:
Beef with kale pesto and red cabbage
Beetroot and apple salad with horseradish cream
Potatoes with lemon mayonnaise and fried leeks
Shrimp salad using wonderful fresh Maine shrimps
Local NY cheese with walnuts cooked in sherry and honey

Then all got beer from Jimmy 43, some wonderful Danish beer, weather was wonderful and standing in my favorite cities on the planet under more or less under the Brooklyn Bridge, was just such a fantastic day.

The guest chefs won these prizes
Best combination of dairy and meat to form beautiful flavor and appearance:
Chef Alejandro Alcocer of Green Black Orange.

Smørrebrød: shaved beef tenderloin, shaved fennel and onion, Rosemary butter, yoghurt, salt and pepper on slice of Nordic Breads‘ Danish rye bread.

Most innovative flavor combination (Ambassador called it «fushion» during tasting:
Chef Simo Kuusisto of Nordic Breads.

Smoked NY-State venison, onion marmalade, celery root and apple on slice of his own Nordic Breads’ Danish rye bread.

Most beautifully complicated – «many flavors and textures, but all discernable,» as chef Ilene Rosen said:
Rebecca, Caroline and Elizabeth as a team from Saltie.

Egg butter, pickled beets, capers, watermelon radish, fresh herbs, arugula snd feta on slice of Nordic Breads‘ Danish rye bread.

Most beautiful and delicious in simplicity and comibation of ingredients:
Andrew Dorsey of Matlow & Daughters.

Braised pork, cabbage, carmelised onion and carraway salt on slice of Nordic Breads’ Danish rye bread.

Best use of a seasonal vegetable in combination with other ingredients:
Christopher Hille of Northern Spy.

Scrod from Long Island, Yukon gold potato, shaved carrots, roasted beets, dill, chives and ricotta on slice of Nordic Breads’ Danish rye bread.

Most interesting twist on a traditional smørrebrød:
Chef Patrick Connolly of Bobo.

Chicken liver, crispy cured pork shoulder, fennel jam, parsley on a slice of Nordic Bread’s Danish rye bread.

Trine Hahnemann