20 januar 2010

The Nordic Diet

My book «The Nordic Diet» came out 2 weeks ago, and I am really grateful for all the interest it is getting! Because I truly believe that this way of eating has a great future and will inspire a lot of people to eat lovely tasty food and staying healthy at the same time!

I am visiting London for 3 weeks promoting the book, meeting tons of people and doing interviews, cooking and just talking and doing what I really believe in. Healthy food which is home cooked and eaten together with friends and family!

I am asked a lot about whether the ingredients are available, and I can assure you: they are, and it is actually really interesting. I had lunch this week in London at Kitchen W8 and HIX in Soho, and I would say that except from the beef almost all ingredients on the menu – like mackerel, cod, pheasant, root vegetable, cabbage, horseradish, rhubarb and small shrimps – are in my new book.

There is simply a true interest among chefs, foodies, and people in general for food that we grow in the Northern Hemisphere, food from our own backyard! That is really exiting, and I can only say: go out to farmers’ markets and get the ingredients. I am talking about root vegetable, or cabbage which you should not boil to pieces, but sauté them lightly so there is still some structure and some bite in them, or eat them raw and mix them with a lot of wonderful flavours such as herbs, vinegars, or spices. Buy seasonal fish, and remember to check with your fish monger about where they come from, for example as whether the salmon is from a sustainable farm! Try baking your own bread even if you are too busy during the week, do it in weekends, you might do 2 or 3 breads at a time and freeze some of them!

If you want more inspiration about cooking the Nordic way, try attending the class I am giving on
January 30 at Divertimenti, Marylebone High Street, London. For more information please refer to their website: www.divertimenti.co.uk

Trine Hahnemann