15 juni 2017

The Danish Minister for the Environment and Food appoints a gastronomic expert team

19 profiles from the catering and food industry in Denmark, including Trine Hahnemann, constitute a new expert team, which will contribute with recommendations to the government on how to fully utilize the potential of Danish gastronomy.

The world has its eyes on the Danish and Nordic food scene. This has been the case for a number of years, but this development may not necessarily continue.

Therefore, the Danish Minister for the Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, is now taking the first major step in the development of the Danish government’s Gastro 2025 plan. Earlier this week he unveiled a gastronomic expert team with 19 members who will contribute with recommendations to the Danish government.

A hot platform
Trine Hahnemann is proud to be among the 19 profiles that make up the team and look forward to this new initiative. Like the minister, she believes that Danish and Nordic gastronomy possesses a potential that we can benefit even further from.

«We have a hot platform that is not fully utilized. I am therefore extremely pleased that this initiative has been put forward and that I have been given the possibility to be part of it so that we can make the most of the world’s gastronomic eyes resting on us, »says Trine Hahnemann.

Gastronomy as a lever
The new team will meet for a number of workshops over the next six months and will deal with how gastronomy can be used as a lever for better meal habits, less food waste, increased exports and strengthened tourism.

«I am looking forward to making use of my experiences as an communicator of food culture at an international level and to contribute with a perspective on how Nordic gastronomy is communicated and received internationally. At the same time, I look forward to, together with the remaining members of the expert team, bringing forth a lot of ideas on how we can increase our imprint in the world, including how we work with the gastronomy in relation to ecology, sustainability, meal thinking, communities and farm to table,» says Trine Hahnmann.

In distinguished company
The chairman of the team will be CEO of NOMA Peter Breiner.

The gastronomic expert team is expected to present the recommendations to the government early 2018 and consists of:

Anja Hartung Sfyrla, Chef for Forretningsudvikling, VisitDenmark
Dorthe Petersen, Direktør Meyers Madhus
Henrik Vang, adm. direktør for Nørrebro Bryghus
Klaus Styrbæk, kok og ejer af Styrbæks
Lars Haar Jensen, Chefkonsulent Danske Regioner
Leif Nielsen, Branchedirektør, Dansk Industri
Leif Wilson Laustsen, slagter og Formand for FødevareDanmark
Peter Kreiner, CEO Noma (formand)
Per Kølster, brygger og Formand for Økologisk Landsforening
Jens Christian Andersen, Scandics danske F&B direktør
Jeppe Dahl Jeppesen, indkøbschef, Dansk Supermarked
Jesper Vollmer, kok og ejer af
John Gynther, Senior Premium Manager Arla
Mads Marschall, Sol over Gudhjem og generalsekretrær i Bocuse d’Or
Martin Vestergaard Sørensen, Chef de cuisine, HOUNÖ
Mette Hvarre Gassner, kok/medejer Restaurant Ti Trin Ned
Mette Jasper Gammicchia, Afdelingsleder, L&F
Michael Allerup Nielsen, Køkkenchef Bispebjerg Hospital
Trine Hahnemann, kok og ejer af Hahnemanns køkken

See the full press release from the Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark here (in Danish).

Photo by Chris Tonnesen

Trine Hahnemann