9 august 2016

Syrian Food at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Scandinavia’s largest food festival, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, is taking place August 19 through 28 with more than 100 unique events and activities. Once again, Frederiksberg Allé sets the scene for Frederiksberg Harvest Feast August 26, this year with the theme ‘tradition and renewal’. Based on recipes from Syriens Gryder (Syria’s Pots), Hahnemann’s Kitchen has the exquisite pleasure to be among the food actors hosting a giant long table dinner.

Traditions means a lot when it comes to how, what, with whom and why we eat. The harvest feast is a relatively new tradition in the city but an ancient one in the country, where the traditional harvest feast took place in the city square by the pond. Today, we meet in the city streets to the harvest feast and celebrate the farmer’s and other food people’s work.

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast has brought back old food traditions, dusted them off and looked at what were once done. Traditions change constantly, the old is replaced or is rediscovered and the meal, as we know it, evolves and moves when new trends enlighten us. Right now, old food traditions, that we had forgotten or lost for a while, are rediscovered. This year, Frederiksberg Harvest Feast highlight the present rediscovery and interpretations of the traditions and invite everyone to a harvest feast in the middle of the city with the best produce interpreted through the traditions to a dining experience, which gives new perspectives on traditions and renewal.

New cultures by Hahnemann’s Kitchen
Food, traditions and culture go hand-in-hand. Our self-understanding comes from the food culture and the traditions. Immigrants have always brought with them their own food habits and traditions, and the Danish food landscape has changed with the influence from new cultures. But what do the new cultures, we meet today, have to offer? What do they bring in their luggage of delicacies and traditions, which can enrich us?

«New Cultures» is a dining experince where the great Danish harvest is interpreted to a harvest feast from distant cuisines. The dishes are based on the cookbook Syria’s Pots and prepared by Hahnemann’s Kitchen. DFUNK, which is an association of young people, working to improve the conditions of refugees in Denmark and internationally will assist Hahnemann’s Kitchen in cooking and serving the food.

The tickets for «New Cultures» are torn away, but there are still a few tickets available for the vegetarian menu. Buy your ticket here, and remember to bring your own plate and cutlery to the dinner.

Six meal experiences
Besides «New cultures», there are five other meal experiences that each in their own way presents food, tradition and renewal. See all meal experiences here.

Photo by Rasmus Flindt Pedersen.

Trine Hahnemann