11 november 2010

Short Rye Bread story by Jarl Frijs-Madsen, Ambassador, Consul General of Denmark in New York

Saturday afternoons

In a family with three children, all active with sports and hanging out with friends, it can be a challenge to gather the whole family at the same time and in the same place. When living in Denmark, we found that fresh Danish rye bread could do the trick. We would pick it up at the bakery – still hot from the oven – continue to the seafood deli for Danish heering and salmon and end up at the butcher getting warm liver paté, which tastes much better than it may sound. At the table, there would also be delicious Danish butter and then we had all the ingredients for a perfect Saturday lunch that could usually gather the whole family. Here in New York, I have not yet had the time to find a place with freshly baked Danish rye. But I will eventually find it, because you can get everything in New York and, between the soccer and volley ball games, it will still do the trick, I am sure.

Trine Hahnemann