1 juli 2011

Roskilde Festival offers great tasting organic sustainable drinks.

After P.J. Harvey’s show last night I went straight out to have some drinks and celebrate the excellent concert I had just witnessed. Just across from the stage Arena I stopped at Lize’s cocktail bar. All drinks there are organic and they offer about 10 really good but also well-known drinks.

We ordered a Caperinho and Black Russian, they taste differently but excellent. The liqueur used for the drinks is organic and sourced from a local small distillery Ørbæk, located on the Island Fiona. There they make sustainable alcohol. We really enjoyed our drinks, and I decided to return this morning and talk to the bartenders about their product. I met with Lasse, the manager, and he told me about the place. All the alcohol is produced especially for this festival, and there is a beautiful collaboration between the distillery, the owners of the bar, and the festival. The most recent product he could present was a new organic tonic water, we tasted it and it was really good, fresh and not too sweet. Lasse said that young people want more than just a lukewarm beer, and a lot of them are actually fully aware that is it organic, they are surprised about the difference in taste, but they enjoy it. They are so used to the regular brands, which they consider as standard for the right taste. Lasse loved the idea of having a bar with no merchandise, independent from the big companies, and he said: It so much in the spirit of the Roskilde Festival!

After that is was lunchtime, and with all the options you have here I decided that I wanted to try the smørrebrød, the Danish open sandwich on rye bread! There is a small place called Mothers Lunch Box and they serve the real traditional smørrebrød just as my grandmother would have liked it. Not in a new and exciting way but well executed and very recognizable. I think they were a bit too boring, but I know that lot of people like it that way, so there is an audience for that as well. That’s important when you have to cater for 100,000 people.

So on my journey exploring for great meals here at the festival, my favorite is still the risotto I had the other night from Rocking Risotto. They had 3 different ones to chose from with lamb and lemon, tomato and shrimps, and a vegetarian one with fennel and lemon. You always have to remember the context, we are at festival in the country. This is not fine dining, and with that in mind the risotto was even better, I tasted all 3. Really nice taste, great texture, and then after that I had tiramisu as pudding, and that was actually excellent. Creamy, balanced, and cold. Even if I went home today, I would have had a great meal that I am going to remember. Now I am off for more food and the highlight of the Festival: Portishead.

Trine Hahnemann