30 juni 2011

Roskilde Festival 2011. Chasing the best meals

A part of being exited about hearing PJ Harvey and Portishead. Roskilde Festival for me is all about the food. I find it really fascinating that in one week here at Roskilde 3.000.000 million meals are served and it is not all junk food. Here are a lot of categories: there is green food, organic, good and bad junk food, a lot of regular meals, organic drinks, quality coffee. There are even an area with Nordic food. That I will especially explore and try as much of the food as possible. In general I am here to explore and write about the variety of food, the quality, how many good meals I can actually find. My expectations are high.

I slept in my friends shop on the main festival square last night, the Festival is officially opening today 5 pm, but thousands of people have been camping out here since Saturday. The camping area offers a variety of food and a 24 hour party for people that can keep up. I ventured out there this morning to find breakfast and were met with thousands of young people who were looking like they had a hang over that needed proper salty food.

I was ready for Danish breakfast: bun called rundstykke with Danish cheese and a Danish and black coffee. I must admit I did not find the best bread in the world but under the circumstances it tasted better out here than it would in my kitchen. The cheese was average but organic.

The Danish I chose is called tebirkes, a puff pastry bun with poppy seeds, was perfect, still a bit warm crunchy and tasty. I was actually happy with my breakfast, I got a good start to the day. The whole atmosphere lifted it. Roskilde is also about queuing, there is no way around it, people seems to get the best out of it, there is lot of talking, flirting, sharing stories about last night.

After breakfast I walked around the camping area, talked to young people, I met 2 girls, Line and Mette, they had just bought an organic pizza, I asked if they were aware that was an organic pizza, the answer was no, they just wanted something else than rye bread which had been their only diet for 5 days and today was pay day, so now they could afford to eat something else.

For lunch I decided on a falafel, it was homemade, it did not rock my world, but it was alright. In the afternoon I had coffee different places and the best cup I had was at Kent coffee, organic, tasty and right temperature.

Is the food important at a rock festival? Isn’t just about rock’n’roll and beer? Yes, in a way, but on the other hand it means a lot to people that there are great meals to eat, in the camps there is a lot of talk about the food, people are planning their meals, there are rituals, I know of lot of people that meet every year for specific meals, that is also about having a food culture.

Will they notice it’s organic? I believe in the long run, and it is a very important signal to send to the outside world. It can be done, 3.000.000 meals in 7 days that is not only junk. I think it is a great opportunity Roskilde Festival have got here: to show young people there is an option, they have choices. Between junk food, homemade food, organic options, creating a better environment is about changing the food system, that means young people needs to be part of a lot of social change by changing their own habits, why not start at a Rock Festival.

Trine Hahnemann