16 november 2010

Robert LaValva thought about Sunday at The New Amsterdam Market

Sunday’s market was groundbreaking. Trine told me she had dreamed a few years ago about making a dinner in a parking lot in New York. So, by the time the parking lot finally appeared, she was good and ready to go! We were able to relate a fun and unusual food event to a very beautiful idea, that we live in a Region of Rye. And thus we should consume more rye, isn’t that a simple thing to discover! The rye farmer was there and his eyes were opened as well, when we both saw at the same time that he needs a market big enough to distribute his grain in bulk; and that we are that market. I read up rye today and one thing struck me: it is grain that is consumed mostly where it is grown, and not exported beyond neighboring countries. So there is quite an inherent self-logic here as well.

_The Smørrebrød experience is rather well described here:_


The setting was perfect as well, we had three beautiful new pine tables made with locally milled lumber, I think it’s also quite meaningful to be taking space away from automobiles for a day and making it a market.

Then the following happened: the Danish Ambassador was so welcoming, so engaged and truly sophisticated that when he spoke highly of our project, everyone’s thoughts and spirits were lifted. The energy was felt by our City Council Speaker, and completely unexpectedly, she specifically noted we must move into the old Fish Market, pointing to the endangered building behind her; I believe this was truly impromptu. But her speaking this way further emboldened our local City Council Member, Margaret Chin, who supports preserving the Fish Market, and she spoke with real fire! I am only piecing this together now.

Thanks to all of you, we have moved one step closer.

Trine Hahnemann