26 august 2011

Nordic Feed and MadFoodcamp

Copenhagen is cooking. This weekend 100 of people from around the world is coming here to Copenhagen for the Nordic Feed, Copenhagen Cooking, and MadfoodCamp. To eat, cook, learn, celebrate, talk, share and exchange idea.

I will be talking today Friday, at the Nordic Feed and serve some Nordic snacks made from ingredients in season, we will be cooking with: langoustine, dill, asier (preserved marrow), Salmon, pointed cabbage, mackerel, celeriac, smoked cheese, apple, Pork cheeks, mushrooms, Juniper, beets, blackberries, fennel and rosehip.

Saturday I will be cooking vegetables at the Madfoodcamp, with a lot of my chefs friends, all extremely talented people, I am always very exiting to cook with others, you always learn new stuff, meet people with great ideas. I will cook variations of Danish classics only using vegetables. So come on out and taste and enjoy all the things there we going on all day!

Trine Hahnemann