16 februar 2017

Join Trine for a day of Scandinavian Baking in Berlin

Trine Hahnemann has been baking since her childhood and has for a long time loved baking at home. Bread and cakes play a really important role in the Scandinavian food culture. There are many breads and cakes for different occasions, seasonal, or a special part of the day.

Sunday February 26 Trine will teach a hands-on class in Berlin at Goldhahn & Sampson and share some of her passion and stories about, why bread and cakes are so important in Scandinavian culture.

She will give a demo on the classic Danish rye bread, and there will be an opportunity to get a sample of her 27 years old sourdough. You will understand how you easily can get this tasty and healthy Danish rye bread into your everyday diet.

We will bake an easy-to-make crisp bread with spelt and different flakes, which is great for breakfast and snacks in general – classic in Scandinavia.

Then we will bake a spelt bread, which is great for breakfast or sandwich. It is the kind of bread that will get you through the week. Trine will talk about grains and why flour is not just flour, but a diversity of taste.

We will also make Walnut layer cake. It’s such lovely winter layer cake!

It will be a day of baking and storytelling, all about the strong Scandinavian tradition.

Tickets are 60 EUR. Get it here.

Photo from Scandinavian Baking by Trine Hahnemann (Quadrille). Photo: Columbus Leth.

Trine Hahnemann