5 april 2013

For the Love of Food: Stories, Memories & Culture

April 8th Trine Hahnemann participates in The Terroir Symposium in Toronto, Canada where she will talk about Food Culture.

Trines focus at The Terroir Symposium April 8th – Talk will be on food culture and how it has shaped her identity.

What is food memory, what does it mean and how does it influence your life. Trine will talk about how she have been influenced by other generations and what happens when food culture shift and develop like it has happened in the Nordic countries.

On April 12th. at The Mad Maple Country In Trine will talk about the way we eat and how she believe we need to change our diet. How we need bio diversity on our plates and not just in gene-banks. Understanding eating is political and why -supported by inspiring food that should be part of our future diet.


Trine Hahnemann