18 november 2014

Breakfast Workshop at La Fromagerie

Who wouldn’t go to a workshop, where the working part is eating breakfast in the beautiful cheese shop La Fromagerie? On 29 November Trine Hahnemann visits once again her London local La Fromagerie in Marylebone.

In 2012 Trine Hahnemann introduced cheese loving customers at La Fromagerie to Danish cheeses, this time she will take them on a journey to the Scandinavian baking culture at her Breakfast Workshop at the Marylebone shop. Over breakfast Trine will talk about her new book Scandinavian Baking, teach and demonstrate baking methods and explain the meaning of the Danish term ‘hygge’ and how bread and cakes contributes to hygge, especially around Christmas.

The Breakfast Workshop takes place from 9.30–11.30 am and the menu is
– Cold Pressed Apple & Pear Juice with Homemade Cordials,
– Le Piantagioni Coffee & TeaKringle
– A delicious yeast dough made with almonds & apple compote – the quintessential farmhouse recipe
– Trine’s Homemade Rye Bread with Danish cheese studded with caraway seeds
– Norwegian potato pancakes (Lefse) with Hansen Lyderson Smoked Salmon and Spinach with a chilled glass of Prosecco

Trine Hahnemann