25 september 2013

A gastronomic summer affair at The Good Food Channel

During the summer, Trine Hahnemann had several appearances alongside chef and television host Valentine Warner. In the series "Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia" on The Good Food Channel, Trine teaches Valentine the art of the open faced sandwich, and on the show website she reveals her recipe for traditional Danish vanilla doughnuts and a mouthwatering chicken with baked rhubarbs.

Trine also acted as the food equivalent to a sports commentator in the Live Cookalong "ValEatScandinavia" as she gave feedback to Valentine and five amateur chefs while they were cooking Swedish meatballs.

The series «Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia» is currently unavailable to Danish viewers, but international viewers can watch the episodes here
and enjoy the interviews and cooking sessions with other Danish food entrepreneurs such as Trine Krebs, Mia Kristensen and Johan Bülow.

Watch Trine and Valentine on talk about his food adventures in Denmark.

Trine Hahnemann