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Trine at TEDx Krakow

December 5, 2011

Ideas Worth Spreading: Watch Trine Hahnemanns TEDx Talk here Read more…

Roskilde Festival

June 19, 2011

Trine will again be at The Roskilde Festival 2011. Eating her way through it, while listen to music and writing about it. Fellow her experiences here on the blog from the 29 June.

Trine is in San Antonion, Texas

February 8, 2011

Trine is cooking Nordic food at the Culinaria Food Festival. She will be cooking lightly salted pork with rhubarb relish and summer kale salad. At the Grand tasting Saturday she will be serving her signature salmon with rye crackers and horseradish cream. Read more…

Trine is back in New York City

February 7, 2011

Trine is in New York again to launch her 2nd book in the US, the Nordic diet. You can here her on Martha Steward Radio Wednesday the 9th February 10 am. Talking about the book an how to eat your way to health and happines.

Trine on

February 6, 2011

Trine also writes for now, this month check out her famous citrus gravad salmon

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