Zester Dayli

Read Trine’s articles about the joy of the season’s first potatoes, about Scandinavian meatballs’ life beyond IKEA, about the sweetness of Danish pastry, about berry-picking for pancakes and much more at Zester Daily.

«Trine Hahnemann loves food and believes it should be prepared and enjoyed with respect, great care, and love. It is a vital form of our culture. Through cooking, eating, and exchanging our stories and beliefs we can create a better world.»

The quote is from Trine’s bio at Zester Daily – an award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts eager to discover what’s new and delicious in the world. Read the full bio here.

Trine strives to write a monthly column in between cookbooks, presentations, workshops and conferences, keeping track of the explosive culinary culture of Scandinavia.

Trine Hahnemann