Scandinavian Christmas

PUBLISHED: 27 Sep 2012
LANGUAGES: English, Danish
PAGES: 144
ILLUSTRATIONS: 120 full colour photographs
BINDING: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781849491921
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«Christmas is my favorite time of year. I thrive in the winter months. I love the cold, the blue winter sky and, the magical atmosphere when the world goes quiet, covered in snow.» Trine Hahnemann, Scandinavian Christmas.

In Scandinavia the whole period of Christmas, from the first Sunday in Advent to New Year’s Day, is marked by festivals and celebrated in traditional but beautifully contemporary style. Hygge, the Danish word for cosiness, is about being inside with candles, great comfort food and lots of cakes and sweets.

Baking week
The first week of December is baking week – enough has to be made to last the whole Christmas period. Jars of decorated cookies, gingerbread houses and clogs filled with little presents rub shoulders with simple wreaths, trees and tables decorated with white candles and fresh greenery – the perfect mix of ancient and modern.

The rule of duck and pork
Brunches, cocktail and tea parties, lunches and dinners are celebrated with a mixture of traditional goodies and delicious modern recipes. Duck and pork rule on Christmas Eve, fish, ham and seasonal vegetables on Christmas Day. Sweets, biscuits, puddings and other treats abound – all washed down with gluwein and fruity cocktails.

70 recipes
In this glorious book, illustrated with Lars Ranek’s evocative photographs, Trine Hahnemann provides a cornucopia of 70 Christmas recipes – all featuring ingredients which are common to all northern climes – showing us how we, too, can decorate our homes and make delicious dishes to celebrate Christmas the Scandinavian way.

Trine Hahnemann