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13.01.2017, Real Tasty Pages, Review: Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the…

17.12.2016, KCRW, ‘The Gefilte Manifesto,’ Christmas pickles holiday cookies
15.12.2016, Your Healthy Living Magazine, Jerusalem Artichoke, Apple and…
13.12.2016, Yule Log, Quadrille Publishing
11.12.2016, The Guardian, The 20 best food books of 2016
11.12.2016, Cooked, Kale bruschetta
06.12.2016, Culture trip, The Best Books On Food For 2016
28.11.2016, The Washington Post, The 31 best cookbooks of 2016
28.11.2016, CulturalConstruct, Comfort from Denmark: Trine Hahnemann
24.11.2016, Country & Town House, Little Spiced Apple Pies from Trine Hahnemann
24.11.2016, Grazia, Christmas Gift Guide: For Mums
21.11.16, Fox 9, Scandinavian Comfort Food Embracing the Art of Hygge
17.11.2016, Country & Town House Magazine, Eat like a Scandinavian: With rye…
16.11.2016, Saga, Cauliflower gratin with baked tomatoes
15.11.2016, Country & Town House Magazine, Interview: Trine Hahnemann on hygge…
15.11.2016, Saga, Beetroot Patties with horseradish cream
14.11.16, Country & Town House, Interview: Trine Hahnemann on hygge…
13.11.16, dailymail, It’s this year’s hottest home trend, so here’s all you need to know…
12.11.2016, Cooked, Rye bread
12.11.16, The Times, Feast! Have a Scandi Christmas
10.11.2016, The Daily Meal, Winther Apple Layer Cake
10.11.2016, Vouge, What Is Hygge? Comfort Food to Help You Chill Out the Danish…
10.11.2016, Cooked, Six Scandinavian dishes everyone should try
10.11.2016, The Daily Meal, Embracing the Art of ‘Hygge’ With ’Scandinavian Comfort…
09.11.2016, Leite’s Culinaria, How to hygge
09.11.2016, Nigella, Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the art of hygge by Trine…
09.11.16, Nigella, Rye pancakes with blueberries and golden syrup
09.11.2016, Nigella.com, Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge
07.11.2016, REFINERY29, Ascend to Hygge Heaven With These Comfort Food Recipes
04.11.2016, Los Angeles Times, This fall’s new cookbooks: 27 of our favorites
30.10.2016, theguardian, Fresh thinking: Trine Hahnemann’s Danish cuisine recipes
30.10.2016, The Observer, Fresh thinking: Trine Hahnemann’s Danish cuisine recipes
30.10.2016, the guardian, Wines with the flavour of hygge
26.10.16, hannahinthehouse, Scandinavian Comfort Food | Skandium Supper Club
23.10.2016, theguardian, Hungry for hygge: Trine Hahnemann’s Scandi comfort food
23.10.16, The Monocle, Trine Hahnemann, Zeva Oelbaum and Susie Dent
21.10.16, audioBoom, Trine Hahnemann joins us in the studio to talk about her new…
17.10.16, The Independent, 11 best cookbooks 2016
15.10.2016, Shareradio, Share Food with Sainsbury’s Magazine: Episode 25
21.09.2016, Equal Times, As syrians spread across europe, so does their food
12.03.16, ACHIA Living, Trine Hahnemann’s Spelt Pancakes and Spelt Bread recipes
20.02.16, KCRW Good Food, How to make rye bread starter from scratch
19.02.2016, KCRW Good Food blog, Recipe: Trine Hahnemann’s Danish "Malted Rye…
28.01.2016, The Guardian, How to make the perfect rye bread

17.12.15, Los Angeles Times, So you want to be a Nordic chef for a night?…
27.11.15, New York Times, Baking Cookbooks That (Gently) Push the Limits
23.03.15, Foodepia, Scandi inspiration recipes from Trine Hahnemann
17.03.15, Tasting Britain, Scandi-role by Trine Hahnemann & Castello
14.03.15, The Spoon and Whisk, Danish Custard Pies (Linser) from Scandinavian Baking
06.03.15, Sudifoodie, From Elena Arzak to Trine Hahnemann – my week in food
21.01.15, Bachology, Review: Scandinavian Baking by Trine Hahnemann

20.12.14, Northern Lights Reading Project, «Scandinavian Christmas» by…
17.12.14, Country and Town House, Little Spiced Apple Pies by Trine Hahnemann
11.12.15, BBC Radio 4, Cook the Perfect Christmas Dinner with Allegra McEvedy…
01.12.14, All about you, Scandinavian Christmas recipes: main, side and dessert
28.11.14, Babycentre, Trine Hahnemann’s ‘Shower Buns’
18.11.14, dish, Cook the Books – Scandinavian Baking Part Two
28.10.15, Desperate Reader, Scandinavian Baking – Trine Hahnemann
10.10.14, Quadrille Publishing, Recipe of the Day: Trine Hahnemann’s Autumn Apple…
10.10.14 BBC One, Saturday Kitchen, Recipes from this episode
10.10.14, BBC One, Saturday Kitchen, 11/10/2014
05.10.14, The Guardian, Trine Hahnemann’s Scandinavian baking recipes
28.09.14, The Guardian, Scandinavian baking secrets
24.09.14, Red, Trine Hahnemann’s cardamom buns
19.09.14, Quadrille Publishing, Recipe of the Day: Trine Hahnemann’s Open Sandwich…
18.09.14, All About You, Trine Hahnemann’s red cabbage
18.09.14 Local is Lovely, The Friday List
11.09.14, Wells Journal, Wells Food Festival: Danish baker Trine Hahnemann to judge…
10.09.14, BBC1, The Great British Bake Off, Series 5, European Cakes
09.09.14, Bangers & Mash, Time for tea
02.09.14, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, The Great British Bake Off at the Dan…
13.08.14, Wells Food Festival, Trine Hahnemann’s Cake Competition
01.08.14, Sustainable Food Trust, OFS: Cabinet of Curiosities
27.07.14, Wells Food & Drink Award 2014, Reader Entries
23.07.14, Art Journal – Plain English, Selling Waste Food Make Mine a Harlequin
23.07.14, The Fork & Knife, Loving Baking at home
23.07.14, Wells Food & Drink Award 2014, Meet the Judges
25.03.14, Metro, Mother’s Day recipe: Yoghurt and wholeweat bread by Trine Hahnemann
27.02.14, The Telegraph, Cookbook of the Week: The Scandinavian Cookbook
26.02.14, Fine Cooking, White Wine & Elderflower Gløgg
01.01.14, BBC – Bakes & Cakes, Danish treats (p40–41)

21.12.13, Matching Food & Wine, Blue Cheese and Preserved Plums
11.12.13, szczepankiewicz, Trine Hahanemann portrait for TEDxKraków
11.11.13, Eater, Hangover Observations from Semana Mesa in Sao Paulo
27.10.13, Onet, Trine Hahnemann dla Onetu: bdziemy mieli najwikszy w historii…

08.12.2012, The Guardian, Trine Hahnemann’s cod with mustard sauce recipe
25.11.2012, The Guardian, After Ikea and The Killing, Britain gets ready for a Scan…

11.12.11, the guardian, Nordic Christmas baking recipe

26.11.10, Eat Like a Girl, ‘New Nordic’ Danish Yule with Trina Hahnemann
17.12.10, Nessa’s Family Kitchen, The Nordic Diet by Trina Hahnemann

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