Food is one of the best ways to exchange cultures without looking at politics or other divergences. Differences in food and cooking are less easily lost in translation.

«The Scandinavian Cook Book»

About Trine

Trine loves food. To her, food is a means of having a good time. It should be prepared and enjoyed with respect, great care, and love. In a deeper sense, food is a carrier of social communication between human beings. It carries a story that is representative of the human history. Food represents a vital form of our culture, and Trine believes that through cooking, eating, and exchanging our stories and beliefs we can create a better world.

A decent daily meal

Food reflects the good and also the not-so-good conditions for the expression of human enjoyment. Food is therefore also important in the betterment of social conditions. This is Trine’s cause, her advocacy: A decent daily meal for everybody in the world.

Work life

Trine has worked as a chef since the early 1990s. Cooking has always been close to her heart. Since childhood Trine has cooked for friends and family.

In 1995 Trine acquired her first catering company that specialized in on-tour catering to the rock music and film businesses. Trine has catered for artists such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Soundgarden, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, and a lot of Danish bands.

Staff restaurants

In 1997 Trine decided to specialize in the lunch business and founded «Frokostkompagniet», which is now «Hahnemann’s Køkken». The company runs in-house canteens and staff restaurants for businesses and government bodies in Denmark that want to give priority to top quality and healthy meals prepared for their staff members by talented chefs.

Media and consulting

Trine has appeared on television as guest chef in the Danish programmes: «Good Morning Denmark» and «Frihuset». Furthermore she has had a weekly column in Denmark’s leading woman’s magazine «Alt for Damerne».

Abroad, Trine’s stories and recipes have appeared in different magazines such as Sainsbury, Delicious, Fine Cooking US, The Observer Food Monthly, Good Housekeeping, Food and Travel, Red Magazine, Conde Nast Travel. Currently she writes for the online magazine Zesterdaily.

For the international market, Trine has published 6 cookbooks in a total of 10 countries. Trine’s books can be viewed here. For the Danish market she has published 12 cookbooks.

Both in Denmark and abroad, Trine does consultancy work, teaches cooking classes, and holds workshops about food culture and team building days, where you can learn to work in the kitchen.

Trine Hahnemann