«We need poly-faced farms with sustainable holistic systems where nature, humans and food are at the centre»."

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The Rye Bread Project

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A great new Christmas Cookbook – Trine Hahnemann’s favourite Scandinavian recipes for baking, brunch, dinners and parties for the Christmas season.

the book is published September 27. 2012

How to live healhty the Nordic way, cook book in English.

A cookbook about the The Scandinavian lifestyle month by month, cook book in English.

News and Writings

Eat Scandi at Nordicana

February 4, 2014

Last weekend London went berserk in Nordic fiction and film at the festival Nordicana, celebrating the Scandinavian tv screen wonders. Of course food was on the program and Trine took part in a panel of Scandinavian food experts.

Trine talks rye bread at TEDxKraków

January 14, 2014

«It’s like a little baby; it feels so wonderful. It gives you its nourishment and this beautiful bread in the end.» Check out Trine’s ode to the joys of rye bread.

Trine talks and cooks in Brazil

November 1, 2013

Trine travels to Sao Paolo to participate in the festival Prazeres da Mesa where she will give a talk and lead a cooking session.

Trine’s second talk at TEDxKrakow

October 21, 2013

25th October Trine Hahnemann will give her second talk at the TEDx conference in Krakow, Poland. This time to talk about her work with rye and her love for whole grains as a part of a sustainable diet.